Funding options PhD training

A lot of PhD-students are unsure of the funding options offered by their institute to attend trainings and workshops. What we notice is that many universities are currently in the process of establishing or updating their PhD-education program and possibilities to get training. In addition, rules and possibilities for re-imbursement differ between research departments and even groups causing confusion. For example, in Leiden PhD-students have to ask their supervisor for funding while in Groningen PhDs have a personal training budget in addition to their personal project budget that expires when left unused.

To find out your options the information below might be of help:

Are you still employed by a University or research institute?

  • Check with your supervisor if you can use your personal or group budget. As stated in the CAO you have a right to get time for and be “facilitated in” your personal development. The CAO also states that your employer has to support you to ensure sustainable employability;
  • Check with your HR-department or Graduate School if you have a training budget (this is a budget independent of your personal budget and may expire if you don’t use it).

Are you currently unemployed?

  • In some cases, it is still possible to get the money funded by the University. The question yet again is who to contact, in some cases HR or P&O-department. Since the University pays part of your unemployment money it is in their interest to assist you in your job hunt;
  • You may use your transition allowance (“transitievergoeding”). When the contract of an employee isn’t renewed after 24 months of employment you get this allowance in most cases and are free to use it as you wish for training;
  • If you receive unemployment money from the municipality in some cases they will pay for the training. We can assist you with this if you wish;
  • Finally, you can contact us for more information about the alternative payment option intended for participants that don’t get the course refunded.