Geertje Janssen

Position: Partner and Sr. Consultant
Phone number: +31 (0) 6 10 524 483
I was born on April 27 April 1984 in Londen and raised in Amsterdam. I live with my partner and two daughters in Leiden.
“When I understand the smallest building blocks of the world we live in, I will also understand more of the bigger picture.” With this hypothesis in mind I started to study chemistry in 2002. The real effect was different of course, but I can say that studying science enriched my experience of life.

Since in those years almost no-one studied chemistry I had a lot of freedom to follow my interests. This resulted in a very diverse curriculum including quantum mechanics, biochemistry, Italian language courses, a historical research in Teylers Museum and subjects on science communication. The professor handing over my Master diploma even remarked “there probably is some logic in this curriculum that eludes me”.

After my Masters, I continued as a PhD student in biophysical chemistry at Leiden University. I studied the process of photosynthesis in plants and bacteria using lasers and solid-state NMR (very strong magnets). During the final year of my project my first daughter was born. Her arrival pushed me to think of other career options besides pursuing an academic career (…and having to travel the world on temporary contracts).

I started to work for People in Science in 2012 while finishing my thesis. Forced by the economic crisis and out of curiosity I later worked as director business development for a contract research organisation and as a strategy consultant on projects for (semi)government organisations.

Because I missed the dynamic environment of recruitment, the collaboration with Lisette and doing work that has a real impact in people’s lives I returned to People in Science and finished a post-HBO degree in recruitment in May 2016.

I love to help science professionals to excel in their job and companies to realise their mission. I’m convinced that enjoyment in work is required to achieve world altering results and that the enthusiasm, engagement and mind-set of employees determine if a company will be successful.