Mission Statement

We love our job and wish the same for you! At People in Science we believe in a personal approach and you as a professional are at the heart of our recruitment process. A genuine interest in people, their drives, dreams and talents is what motivates us. We love supporting professionals to realize their dreams and use their full potential.
Recruitment seems to be about roles and positions. But it’s the people behind the CVs and functions that matter and can realize a companies’ mission – a mission that to be worthwhile has to make the world a better place. We devote all our resources to facilitate people and business to achieve their mission!

We prefer the term “professionals” above “candidates”. Speaking about “candidates” hints to a perspective in which the employer – from a superior position – decides who is and isn’t fit for a position. We think this approach is outdated and unfavourable for all parties. Luckily, we notice a turn of tides in this area; qualities, and ambitions from employees slowly become increasingly important in todays’ society and the hiring processes.

Competent and driven staff is scarce, and this means as an expert you’re in control! Upon request, we coach and train professionals throughout the recruitment process to gain awareness of their capacities and articulate their competences. Our clients we support to engage todays’ and future talent by securing a streamlined and appealing recruitment process.

People in Science mediates almost exclusively in permanent positions. This is because we believe a permanent position offers employees more chances for personal development and sustainable collaborations, which is beneficial for both the professional and the employer. Our future vision is that professionals see their unique talent as the starting point and take responsibility for and initiative to develop continuously. As a result, employers will recognise them as talent they MUST get on board regardless off the vacancies they may have at a particular moment.