Our recruitment process

Are you ready for your first job or a new challenge? And do you have a background in Biotechnology, Life Sciences, Chemistry or Pharmacy? We can help you!

For you as a professional our recruitment services are free of charge, but what is the added value of working with us and what can you expect?

On behalf of companies we match professionals with vacancies. We mediate for permanent positions for which you sign a contract with our client. In addition we provide career advice to jobseekers.

We look beyond current vacancies and obvious matches. Through our extensive network, we connect you to a large number of potential jobs and employers. Additionally, we help you recognise unexpected possibilities.

When we introduce you to a client we highlight why you fit to this position and environment. We will guide you throughout the process of interviews. For example, we give you information about the company and your interviewers, help you with expressing your motivation, support the contract negotiations etc. Once you have started your new job, you can always consult us for advice.

Our current vacancies are published online. You can respond to a specific job or submit an open application. Every week we discuss new applications in our team. We review your CV and brainstorm about possibilities and tips.

If we expect to find a suitable position for you on the short term we invite you for a face-to-face intake. During this meeting, we explore your opportunities on the job market based on your personality, experience and ambitions. We use our dense network, extensive experience in the science branch and expertise with recruitment and training to help you make choices and give career advice.

Based on the intake we write a personal profile highlighting your assets and ambition, which we ask you to review. If we agree on the profile and the match we will introduce you to an employer with your CV and profile. When we introduce you to a company we explain why we think you fit to this position and environment.

The employer will decide if to invite you for an interview on site. We will guide you through the process of interviews and support you in for example salary negotiations. You sign the contract with the employer and can always contact us when you need advice.

  • "People in Science to me was like no other recruitment agency. I felt like I have been given the attention and the time I deserve." Tulya, PhD Molecular Cell biology

  • "The feedback I have received on my CV was extremely useful."

  • "Je hebt me goed laten nadenken welke richting ik nou echt op wil en daarnaast ook inspiratie gegeven door het voorstellen van mogelijk functies."

  • "Met een fijn persoonlijk gesprek heb je me goed op weg geholpen. Het beviel me vooral dat je je goed kon inleven in mijn situatie" Arnault, PhD Bio-Farmaceutische wetenschappen"

  • "The meeting we had at the beginning of the process helped to highlight my wishes, strengths and weaknesses, which in return ensured a good match with me and a vacancy."

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Check out our agenda to see where you can meet us in person. If you are a PhD-candidate or Postdoc and looking for a job outside academia, look at our PhD training 3-steps to a career in industry.

If you have questions, feel free to contact us by email to info@peopleinscience.nl or call +31(0) 294-772700.