• " This course for me, was an eye opener. I made me aware of all the mistakes I was making while job hunting. Updating my profile according to your suggestions gave me almost immediate response from recruiters." Emine, PhD Biochemistry

  • "I learned in the course to think out of the box and actually less than one month after completing the course I got a position through an internal reference!" Xiaozhou, PhD in Pharmaceutical Sciences

  • "As you predicted within half a year I got a job! Actually, within 3 weeks after the course was finished I was offered a job!” Aga, PhD Molecular Genetics

  • “The course was greatly helpful and effective! Even during the period of the course I started to receive  job offers from several different recruiters!” Daniel, PhD Cell and Molecular Biology

Workshop series: 3-steps to a career in industry

Are you a  PhD or Postdoc and looking for a career outside academia? Are you wondering about your options, how to find job opportunities and get hired in industry? Gain personal advice that is based on direct experience with actual recruitment and selection procedures!

With the People in Science PhD course “3-steps to a career in Industry” you learn how to avoid and overcome common obstacles  PhD-candidates and Postdocs encounter when entering the job market. Gain actionable insights and learn new skills that will increase your chances to be hired fast. Start today!

By the end of this training you will have a clear plan of action and prepared the necessary documents to kick-start your career once you are finished! At the end of this workshop you will know:

  • Which possibilities there are for PhDs and Masters outside academia;
  • What hiring managers of industrial companies’ value;
  • How to translate, leverage and develop your skills in a CV, pitch, letter or LinkedIn profile;
  • Tips and tricks to find published and non-published vacancies;
  • The do’s and don’ts in the application process;
  • How to network pleasantly and effective even if you are an introvert.
The course consists of 3 afternoon online sessions. If you cannot make it one day you can join a catch-up day. Courses start several times a year.

For the next dates, contact us info@peopleinscience.nl, phone number (0)294 772 700.

Fee for the complete program (€ 500,- excl. VAT) can usually be covered by your personal PhD or Postdoc (training-)budget or using your “transitievergoeding”. Inform with your supervisor or P&O about the possibilities. More info about funding options can be found here. For PhDs who’s contract already finished we offer a 21% discount and the possibility to pay in multiple payments on the workshop series. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about this option.

We often hear from PhD students and Postdocs that they have no time and can’t leave their experiments. We do urge you to make time during your PhD to prepare yourself for your next career step. One day your PhD or Postdoc will finish but your life will continue! It takes some time to learn the industry “language” and industry position usually require more than technical skills or fancy publications.

If you participate in your second or third year, you will get a free personal coaching session once you finished your PhD and enter the job market.

  • Based on direct experience with current recruitment procedures outside academia;
  • Direct experience with selection procedures in small companies (start-ups) and multinationals (corporates) is incorporated in the exercised and tips;
  • Up-to-date knowledge of the trends on the job market and in the science branches;
  • Trainers have experience with the PhD trajectory and a large relevant network;
  • All material is in English and training is given in English;
  • Trainers are connected to a small organisation, have an entrepreneurial mind-set and a strong personal drive;
The majority of early PhD-students fancy a career in academia. However, for about only 30% of PhDs a research position in academia is available. This means that 7 out of 10 PhDs will have to find a job outside academia. For Postdocs, this number increases to 90% and the number of people obtaining a PhD degree rises every year. We often see PhDs struggle to find the right job after their promotion. This is not necessary!

This training is ideal if for example:

  • You are a PhD student or Postdoc and consider transferring to industry;
  • You got limited time after your contract is finished to find a new job and retain your residence permit;
  • You already applied for several jobs but didn’t get interview invites or job offers;
  • You want to broaden your horizon and learn about the possibilities for PhDs inside and outside the Netherlands;
  • You doubt if you have anything to offer that is valuable in industry;
  • You have the feeling you only got time to do experiments and write while your PhD project seems to never end.
For questions please contact Lisette Spoelder at lisette@peopleinscience.nl

Personal individual career coaching

Will you start with applying soon, or are you participating in application procedures and can you use some support, we can coach you with our very successful 1-to-1 personal training/coaching.
Send an e-mail or call Lisette Spoelder: lisette@peopleinscience.nl, +31(0)294 772 700.