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The need for proper training and education-programs for PhD-candidates and Postdocs to help them prepare for a career outside academia is rising. Yet supervisors, research institutes and researchers in general lack up to date expertise of career opportunities and selection procedures in industry.

People in Science offers tailored solutions based on actual experience with recruitment procedures of PhDs and Postdocs outside academia. We enjoy sharing our knowledge and experience to offer PhDs a head-start on the job market. Examples of partners/clients:


Do you organise a career event or educational program for PhD-candidates or Postdocs? Our expertise of the job market and awareness of the specific challenges of academics will be an excellent fit to your needs.

Depending on your question we offer workshops of 1,5 hours or a more extended program tailored to the target audience and group. Options include lectures, workshops or a coaching-trajectory. All our services are aimed to offer practical, actionable insights that can be implemented immediately.

Price for a 1,5 hour workshop is € 750,00 excl. VAT including workshop materials and a preparatory assignment. Possible topics include:

  • Claim your expertise and explore your options
  • Communicate your value effectively
  • Authentic networking without having “to sell yourself” Connecting to your drive
  • Effective communication with your supervisor
  • CVs and motivation letters (max 15 participants per group)
  • Leadership skills to get you to the next level (max 15 participants per group)

In these workshops participants will learn about:

  • Career options for PhDs and how to find published and unpublished vacancies;
  • How can you develop a “business” mind-set and be perceived as a high-potential outside academia?;
  • What can you do during your PhD or Postdoc project to increase your options later?
  • What do hiring managers value in applicants and what is the value of your PhD?
  • How do you create an attractive CV and letter that results in invitations for interviews?

We offer more than a CV training: our vision is to provide participants a toolkit and mindset that enables them to stand out in the large pile of applicants now and in the future. All our services include hands-on exercises to ensure new insights are implemented and don’t end on a to-do list that never gets done.

We speak frequently on career events and conferences using our experience in academia, consulting, recruitment and both commercial en (semi-)government environments. Prices for a keynote are € 475,00 excl. VAT.

We offer a Career event package of € 1.500,00 excl. VAT including:

  • A keynote of about 30 minutes;
  • Two workshops in series of each 1,5 hour (twice the same or two different)
  • Optional extra’s:
    *50% discount on participation or to chair a panel discussion (€ 125,00/hour instead of € 250,00/hour).
    *workshops in parallel instead of in series € 500,00 excl. VAT

A personal approach is essential for optimal results. We offer reduced fees to former participants on personal coaching and assistance in ongoing application procedures.

Contact Lisette Spoelder at or 06 53 60 60 27 for more information about the possibilities.

  • Based on experience with current recruitment procedures outside the academic setting;
  • Experience with selection procedures of small companies (SMEs and start-ups) and multinationals (corporates) is incorporated in the exercises and tips;
  • Direct experience with the PhD-trajectory and thorough understanding of the specific challenges of PhDs when looking for a job;
  • Up-to-date knowledge of trends on the labor market for high educated science professionals and the future of employees;
  • Trainers are part of a small organization with an entrepreneurial mindset and have a great personal drive;
  • All supporting material is in English and depending on the audience the language can be Dutch or English.
Contact Geertje Janssen at or 06 53 60 60 27 for more information about the possibilities.