Startups and SMEs

You need to hire high potentials or senior specialists to grow your business. You’re competing in the battle for talent against corporates with an internal recruitment department, social media campaigns and gigantic employer branding budgets. As HR-professional or Manager of a SME/Startup you’re looking for a solution to attract and retain top talent. Difficult? People in Science can help you with recruitment services and HR-support and consultancy.
In every recruitment process, we use our experience and the latest technology to swiftly find and select the best candidates for you. All candidates we introduce are aware of the culture and situation of your business and are genuinely interested in joining your team.

We’ve over 10 years of experience with the recruitment of science professionals in the branches Biotech, Life Science, Chemistry and the Pharmaceutical industry. We use the newest insights but also stick to the human dimension and a personal approach. We love to share or knowledge and insight in the market with you and advice on effective approaches to attract high potentials.

As a 100% Dutch company we’re aware of the local market, but whenever required we’re happy to approach our international network for you.

Since we interact with science professionals every day we know what makes a job appealing to them. We love sharing our insights with you to determine an efficient recruitment strategy to attract high-potentials or senior experts.

In our branch (biotech, pharma, life science and chemistry) knowledge of the field is crucial. All consultants of People in Science have a background in the field and a clear understanding of your need.

We’re flexible and agile and enjoy personal contact, both with you as a client and with the candidate. In fact, we consider this an essential element for a successful partnership.

People in Science offers sustainable solutions, we want you to get a quick return of investment of the time you invest in recruiting and training a new employee.

To enable new employees to deliver outstanding performance quickly we developed “Happy People in Science”. with “Happy People in Science”, we support managers in building a solid foundation for the performance of new employees to shorten their training period and enable them to become an asset to the company swiftly. Read here more about this service.

  • VIP experience for clients and professionals (“candidates”); Quality above quantity;
  • Over 10-years of experience in recruitment in Life Science, Biotech, Chemistry and the Pharmaceutical industry;
  • Our services are based on the newest technologies and best practises yet honor the human dimension and a personal approach;
  • We offer small and medium size companies solutions beyond recruitment to support them to attract, develop and leverage talent;
  • People in Science makes your recruitment and employee performance issues easy;

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