As multinational, applicants know how to find your employer and as corporate recruiter you’re probably busy improving your employer brand and the “candidate experience” on a daily basis. But when it burns down to knowledge of the field and specialist positions you may welcome some support. Wouldn’t it be great to work with an agency that understands your need and will get the right candidate at your table?

The consultants of People in Science all have a background in the field of chemistry, biotech, life science and pharmaceutical industry and are able to support you to recruit scarce specialists. We have a large network due to our educational and work experience but also as a result of over 10-year experience with recruitment in this branch.

In times of scarcity we will find that one specialist you need, in times of abundance we will help you to select the right candidate and spare you the effort of digging through countless CVs. This saves you time (and money) and will allow you to focus on the important things.

In addition, People in Science can help you guide and coach new employees with “Happy People in Science”. With this service, we guarantee that new employees are rapidly up and running to enable a quick return of investment for the employer

In case employees are made redundant People in Science can support you with application training courses aimed at enabling these professionals to rapidly find a new job.
People in Science is a 100% Dutch company with an excellent local network and market-expertise but also with an extensive and dense international network.

Are you looking for an agency that sends 6 CVs within 24-hours? Than we’re not a match. But if you believe an outstanding and transparent candidate experience is essential for your employer brand than we can help you!

  • Over 10-years of experience in recruitment in Life Science, Biotech, Chemistry and the Pharmaceutical industry;
  • VIP experience for clients and professionals (“candidates”);
  • Boutique recruitment agency with an entrepreneurial mind-set and a strong personal drive;
  • Quality above quantity;
  • We combine the newest technologies with a personal approach;
  • Knowledge of the field and a large network in the branch;

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