Recruitment services

Do you want to receive 6 CVs within 24 hours? Than we’re not a match. Do you choose quality above quantity? Than we can help. People in Science offers sustainable solutions based on the newest technologies and best practices to Startups & SMEs.
You need to hire high potentials or senior specialists to grow your business. You’re competing in the battle for talent against corporates with an internal recruitment department, social media campaigns and gigantic employer branding budgets. As HR-professional or Manager of a SME/Startup you’re looking for a solution to attract and retain top talent. Difficult? People in Science can help you with recruitment services and HR-support and consultancy.
As a multinational, applicants know how to find you and as corporate recruiter you’re probably busy improving your employer brand and the “candidate experience” on a daily basis. But when it burns down to knowledge of the field and specialist positions you may welcome some support. Wouldn’t it be great to work with an agency that understands your needs and will get the right candidate at your table?