People in Science offers sustainable solutions

People in Science looks beyond recruitment; with our consultancy services, we support you to leverage and develop your current talent and achieve a fast return of investment of the hiring and training process of new employees.

To enable new employees to deliver outstanding performance quickly we developed “Happy People in Science”.

With this service, we guarantee that new employees are rapidly up and running and contribute to the goals and mission of your company. We ensure that specific and actionable goals are set and individual progress is monitored and documented. We help managers build a solid foundation for the performance of their reports to shorten the required training period and enable employees to become an asset to the company swiftly.

In case employees are made redundant People in Science can support you with application training courses aimed at enabling these professionals to rapidly find a new job.

Since the current generation favours employers with high quality trainings- and coaching programs our Happy People in Science service will enable SME and Start-ups to compete with corporates in attracting and retaining talent.

  • VIP experience for clients and professionals (“candidates”);
  • Boutique recruitment agency with an entrepreneurial mind-set and a strong personal drive;
  • Quality above quantity;
  • Over 10-years of experience in recruitment in Life Science, Biotech, Chemistry and the Pharmaceutical industry;
  • We combine the newest technologies and best practices with a personal approach;
  • People in Science makes your recruitment and employee performance issues easy;

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